Asti Davison’s Biography


Asti Davison is a very uncommon name and most people, after meeting him, realized he was an uncommon person and not easily forgotten.  He made a lasting impression wherever he went.  His friends describe him as ridiculously funny, kind, generous, spontaneous, always there when you needed him, and loyal; basically, the kind of friend that we all want in our lives.  His parents would add family oriented, a loving son, hard-working, and moody until you fed him!  He was reliable and could always be counted on to do the right thing.  He loved the elderly, children and animals.  He wasn’t afraid to say “I love you”, give hugs out freely and had an infectious laugh that would spread throughout a room.  For a young man of 28, he had touched many lives and hearts.

As a child Asti loved to “get into everything”.  He was always curious about how things worked.  Why? Why? Why? was a constant question about everything he would see, touch and hear?  He loved riding anything motorized and even a few things that weren’t.  He did go horseback riding while vacationing in Vermont and sailing while in San Diego.

If you suggested trying something new, he was pretty much open to it.  The word “no” wasn’t heard if there was a chance that fun would be involved.  He was spontaneous when it came to doing things that involved friends & family.  His mother only had to ask the question once, “If your friend jumps off a bridge, would you?” Because his answer was, “It depends if it would be fun or if I have to go save him.”  Basically, either way he was jumping off the bridge.

Asti wasn’t very academic focused although he had an above average IQ.  He could pick up things quickly just by watching.  He had a fantastic memory.  His high school teachers tried to encourage him to go to Bates College for a liberal arts degree.  He scoffed at the idea, always being covered in grease in the middle of some type of rebuilding project; and, went to college to be a Certified Harley-Davidson mechanic in Phoenix, AZ.  He returned to Maine, but with the limited Harley shops available to work at did some independent work and later joined his father’s company.  There he worked his way up to being a foreman.  He worked hard four days a week doing whatever needed to be done but when the weekend came, it was time to have fun.

He lived his live in the present.  He enjoyed the small things.  He loved his brother and sisters and would do anything for them.  His parents although divorced remained best of friends and even as they remarried and brought new children into the family mix, Asti always remained “the big brother” and looked out for all of them.  He kept his childlike curiosity through adulthood.

Asti loved to play disc-golf, go four-wheeling, snowboarding, boating, camping, going to family or friends BBQ’s and gatherings.  He enjoyed snowmobiling, hiking, playing cards, helping others.  He spent a lot of time recently working on his house and on restoring an antique Willy.  Both projects are being finished by friends and family.

If you have any special memories about Asti and would like to share, please feel free to submit them in the tribute section.  Asti will always live in our hearts and memories.